Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yoga and Health - Encompasses Every Aspect of Our Physical Mental Spiritual and Moral Attributes

Ancient Indian philosophy, ingratiated in India's ageless history, designated the practice of yoga, to a mind and body process for the general well-being of human beings. By combining diverse physical positions, breath control procedures, and meditation, yoga ushers in a healthy aspect into your life. Here we will try to learn more about yoga's contribution to good health, including its effectiveness and safety based on scientific research.
Yoga's contribution to lowering of the heart rate and blood pleasure, not to speak of its capacity to relieve stress and remove depression, is legendary. The right application of yoga postures has, without doubt, helped people with chronic low back pain, to alleviate their excruciating pain and improve their ability to move and walk without difficulty. The experts recommend that pregnant women and those with high blood pressure, sciatica or glaucoma best avoid some yoga postures. Such people should undertake yoga only under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher.
You can easily obtain the names of these experts from the Internet or through the nearby hospitals. Some opine that yoga is not good for asthma, and its usefulness for arthritis is still under debate. When you discuss with the medical practitioner or the yoga teacher, make sure that you inform them clearly about your medical history, to enable them to come out with customized yoga, exclusively for you. However, everyone agrees that the use of proper postures in yoga has not only far-reaching benefits for the overall health of the human being, but also develops the body flexibility, strength and its physical fitness.
If you practice yoga under the expert guidance of an experienced teacher, you will find that it is a low-impact remedy for several ailments of healthy people. The side effects associated with yoga are almost negligible except that some have complained about pain from nerve damage, resulting from practicing inappropriate postures in yoga without the expert guidance of a trainer. You can easily eradicate these possibilities by visiting a good teacher and changing or eliminating your yoga practices.
Properly controlled and practiced, yoga induces perspectives for evaluation and quantification of the unfulfilled lacunae in every nerve and tissue of the vital organs of the body to promote good health, if we are sincere in practicing it properly and it puts us at a risk if we do not care to follow. One cannot deny the value of yoga which, passed down through the centuries, encompasses every aspect of our physical, mental, spiritual and moral attributes. Our children too can benefit greatly from practicing Yama, Niyama, and Asana, which allow them to grow up happy and healthy.

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