Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Blend Your Earthly and Spiritual Beings

Most spiritualists find it difficult to be accepted by family and friends who don't understand your spiritual goals and experiences. While you go through your ascension process, it is important to remember that your ascension process is yours and yours alone and shouldn't be shared with non-spiritualists. Not that ascension is a secret, it is just a personal process.
When you are not on a spiritual journey, focusing on fitting in with family and friends is vital to psychological wellness and overall physical health. The process of ascending spiritually comes with many lessons, both exciting and upsetting incidents will occur along your journey. Theses incidents can affect your normal life and routines. Friends and family may start to question your sanity and become worried at first. Keeping your spirituality and your earthly being separate can keep you from losing close friendships or family relationships.
Ascension Candidates are typically unstable as earthly beings. Most will change jobs often, go through karmic relationships quickly, and are financially unstable. Mastering your two selves means you will be a happier being in both realms.
It is tough going through all your lessons, initiations, and ascension syndromes without having a good number of people think you are off your rocker a bit. The best way to do that is to build an earthly reputation as being fun-loving and lighthearted. Making fun a part of your routine tends to make the rough patches in your road, smoother and easier to handle.
Let's face it, when negativity surrounds your earthly being, it blocks your spiritual being from evolving. Make sure you do something you enjoy everyday. I recommend things you liked to do as a kid, like dating, watching or playing sports, any source of entertainment, or having an occasional glass of wine or beer.
Your friends and family may notice you are going through a tough time. Being humble and trying to laugh it off by having some fun may make your friends and family much more supportive. They will be supportive even though they don't know what it is exactly that is causing your rough patch.
In the end, it is all about getting through your ascension process as safely and quickly as possible. At some point in the process you will have past life lessons and major initiations to go through. All lessons must be learned and all initiations must be accepted with honor so your spiritual being can ascend to where it needs to go.

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