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Spiritual and Psychic Development - The Essentials

The first and most important thing to say is that everyone is a spiritual being - we are pure light beings experiencing and learning about what it is to be a human on the planet earth. As we are all spiritual beings, we are all psychic and we are all born psychic. There are no exceptions. It's just that some of us come into the world with more of an awareness of that than others. But anyone, and that means you with practice and focus, can develop their spiritual awareness and therefore their psychic abilities.
I always teach spiritual and psychic development together, because I believe they belong together. It is possible to be psychic and not spiritual, but impossible to be spiritual and not psychic because once you make that connection to your true spiritual identity you have access to unlimited energy and intelligence through the source of All That Is. It is important to develop spiritual awareness as you develop psychic awareness because otherwise our egos, the very human part of our identities with all its hurts and wounds, can misuse those psychic gifts for personal power and gain. This is turn has a karmic impact on your spirit and can cause a lot of struggle for you in the future, so I always teach the two together. I have done a lot of healing on a past life where I misused my spiritual gifts and I know it's been a long hard slog to get back to my current state of awareness, so I would not wish that on any of my students!
Unfortunately, there is still a tendency to think of psychics and spiritual people as being airy fairy with their heads in the clouds; all wispy and ineffectual. This couldn't be further from the truth for anyone who has developed effectively. If you develop spiritually and psychically at the same time then it is vital to be fully present and comfortable in your physical body, and to nurture a strong connection to the earth. This is called being grounded.
Being grounded means you can maximise the flow of life force energy in your body and optimise your physical health; you can conduct spiritual energy from the Source and manifest it as a physical reality here on earth to help people and the beautiful planet we live on. A grounded person can access the highest qualities of love, compassion and wisdom that exist in their spirit through its connection to Source and express those qualities to humanity and the earth through their human form. Wow! I always get incredibly enthusiastic when I think about what that means and how much impact it would have if the world were full of people doing exactly that!
The other essential of spiritual and psychic development is to learn to clear and still the mind. Because of that, some form of meditation is a must. There are many different methods of meditating and it doesn't really matter which one you use, but it is extremely difficult to listen to the quiet, peaceful voice of your spirit when your overactive mind is jabbering away constantly in both ears. In the modern era when we live at a super-fast pace and are bombarded all day with information from all directions, this is especially important. So even if you begin by simply sitting quietly for five minutes every morning breathing as slowly and deeply as you can, you'll notice the benefits.
It's all very exciting when you start to become aware that there's more to life than just the material world, but it can also be confusing and challenging to know where to start. I suggest you find a teacher you feel drawn to, go with your gut feelings and intuition, and perhaps try out a few of the psychic disciplines such as reading cards, mediumship, numerology or dowsing and see which method you find easiest to work with or generates most interest in you. We are all different and so your strengths and what works for you will not necessarily be the same as for your friend. It's one of the great spiritual lessons; there is no one like you and you should not be afraid of being different from others!
I recommend looking for a trustworthy teacher who can help you to develop your spiritual awareness and psychic ability in a safe and effective way using the essentials of grounding and meditation. Try out a number of psychic disciplines and spiritual approaches and find out which ones work best for you.
Semele Xerri is a spiritual healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and psychic intuitive. Based in Wales, she offers healing and readings, runs spiritual and self-development workshops and trains Tarot readers. She also provides email courses for spiritual development and Tarot reading, including a 12 week Spiritual Development Course which is also available on CD

Spiritual Healing Holistic Techniques - How to Increase Healing Energy Now

The true nature of healing is about generating optimum energy in order to fully enjoy living your life. Healing is much more than a technique of doing, it is a state of Being; Being at peace with ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and our lives. Let's explore how to create more healing energy to improve your health and the quality of your life.
Healing is a return to wholeness by achieving balance in your life. To get started, we need to explore the nature of health and let go of some outdated concepts. During childhood, were taught that healing is only a means to fix and cure. We learned that healing happens as a reaction to illness or something to focus on when we're sick. Many traditional methods of healing in our culture are about fighting and conquering illness and disease. However, the fundamental flaw with these approaches is that they consider healing a static, something to "do" once you're already sick.
There is a saying,"a person is alive, but not really living." Traditional healing is about keeping the body alive, sometimes at all costs. In the medical field, death is seen as failure. There are many souls trapped in physical bodies due to the advancement of medicine. There are even machines that will keep your lungs breathing for you. Just keeping a body alive, doesn't produce a state of healing.
Wholeness honors and respects all four levels of your being. It begins by owning and respecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four levels of being or "bodies" are the foundation to wholeness that leads to creating optimum health. Genuine healing is a return to wholeness by achieving balance in your life.
The Four Levels of Your Being that Produce Health and Wellness.
The first level of healing is with your physical body. It's the most visible aspect of our being. We can easily identify and see the symptoms of illness physically. However, the lack of illness doesn't define a state of health and wellness. Unfortunately, many people use their body as the only barometer to determine if they are healthy or ill. If there are no symptoms or pain in my body, then I must be healthy. Right? That like saying, well if we aren't at war... then we must be at peace! Right? Wrong! You'll soon see that the physical body is only the first of four bodies to evaluate your state of health and wellness.
Healing begins by making choices to care for your body. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your relationship to your body.
Do you appreciate your physical body? Do you find it easy to accept or do you constantly criticize your body? Are you ashamed of your body? Are you measuring it against standards of perfection that are impossible to achieve? If so, then ask yourself why and write down your answers in a journal. Writing it down helps you reflect deeper. These four questions will help determine your current relationship with your physical body and can be a catalyst to jump start your healing process. Be honest with your answers and write them down.
You may discover you have been in a very dysfunctional relationship with your body. If so, forgive yourself and begin to accept, appreciate and respect your body, just as it is. Acceptance, appreciation and respect will quickly change the dysfunctional relationship with your body. It can also help develop positive habits to care for your body and nuture it toward health.
A Few Suggestions to Appreciate and Respect Your Body;
o Exercise daily to provide stimulation to your internal organs.
o Eat nourishing foods with live energy such as fruit and vegtables.
o Breathe oxygen filled air to continually renew your energy.
o Expose your body to sunlight in small doses on a regular basis.
o Sleep well and allow for plenty of time to rest and revitalize.
o Discover new ways to experience pleasure and comfort.
o Accept any physical limitations and love your body as it is.
The Second Level of Healing is with Your Emotional Body.
The next level of healing is within your emotional nature. Many people experience a dysfunctional relationship with their emotional body. This is due to a lack of understanding about the nature of emotions. We were never taught how to keep our emotions healthy. Instead, we were encouraged to devalue and repress them producing emotional negativity. This unhealthy relationship leads to emotional stress and can be the source of many physical health problems.
Science is now discovering how emotions have a direct and immediate effect on the physical body. It is almost instantaneous and is the basis of the body mind connection. For example fear triggers adrenoline and causes the fight or flight response in a millisecond of that feeling being triggered. Mental emotional stress influences your physical health, by changing your chemistry, immune system and blood pressure.
What constitutes a positive emotion versus a negative one? Many people get stuck when it comes to dealing with their emotional body. The most common reason is that we divide our emotions into categories of "good" and "bad" feelings. The "good" ones we have deemed worthy of feeling. On the other hand, the "bad" emotions are deemed unacceptable, and we tend to ignore, deny or repress them. It is our judgement of our emotional nature that creates the dysfunction on this level of our being.
Judging emotions as "good" and "bad", creates emotional negativity. Traditionally we're taught to feel the "good" or as I prefer to call them, "expanding emotions", then we are being positive. However, if we feel the "bad" or "contracting emotions", we are being negative. This division of good and bad with your emotions produces negativity that leads to dysfunction.
You'll begin to create healing on this level rapidly, by changing how you define your emotions. Begin by letting go of the judgments of good and bad. Instead, think of them as expanding and contracting. Then think about breathing and ask your self, "Is inhaling good and exhaling bad?" No... you need to do both to breathe properly, and so it is with your emotions, they work together expanding and contracting to guide and protect you through your life. When you let go of the conditioned judgments from your childhood you will take a major step toward emotional health and wellbeing.
Honesty is the most positive emotional state of being. Being emotionally aware of your feelings regardless if they are expanding or contracting is being honest about how you really feel. Simply being honest, is the most positive relationship you can have with your thoughts and feelings, so drop the judgments of good and bad, and just be honest. Self respect is not having to apologize for how you honestly feel, it is a state of honoring your thoughts and feelings. This is one way to develop self respect.
All emotions have purpose and offers feedback about your life. Every emotion is a natural feedback mechanism to gain greater understanding of how you're doing in your life. They are meant to provide guidance on your journey through life. To fully respect yourself is to be honest with how you feel emotionally so that you can change it. Denying emotions keep them alive and can haunt you for years. When you think about an area of your life that isn't working the way you want, you will naturally feel constricting emotions and likewise, the areas that are working well will feel expansive.
If you feel anger, then be angry! Don't try to convince yourself that your not. Feel it, express it (responsibly) and release it (forgiveness) and then get back to feeling happy and free again. Emotional honesty is the most powerful and positive way to be. However, if you deny your anger, you can attract all kinds of negative experiences, all in the name of trying to "be positive". It never works to deny what you are honestly feeling. Honesty is the best policy and will set you free especially on an emotional level.
How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Emotional Body.
It begins with honesty and a willingness to feel and express your emotions and then release them. Whether its anger, hurt, love, or joy, the emotions need to be felt and released. This creates a positive emotional state of being. How we relate to our emotions determines their positive or negative impact in our lives.
Can Love be Negative and Anger be Positive? Yes, they both have the potential of being either positive or negative depending upon how you relate to them. When you express your emotions, they become a positive influence in your life. Likewise, when you repress them, they turn negative and can wreck havoc on your health.
Unexpressed love can be tremendously negative. Repressed love can change the chemistry of your body, your blood pressure and eventually contribute to heart disease. Love on an emotional level is energy. When we refuse to let energy flow, it becomes repressed and can cause many physical complications.
How to turn anger into a positive experience: Anger that you feel (honestly), express (responsibly) and release through forgiveness, can create positive changes in your life. Anger holds a part of your will power. When you feel your anger and express it constructively, you can access this trapped will power to create discipline and positive changes.
How to begin honoring your emotional nature. Begin to give yourself permission to feel all of your emotions without judgment and to express them constructively. You can best do this, by journaling. Write down your feelings on a regular basis is a great way to express this energy and release it from your emotional body. It may take some practice, but it will ultimately lead to a healthier state of being.
The Third Level of Healing is on the Mental Level
The power of our mind is limitless. How do you relate to this God given gift, called your human mind? Do you recognize the value of it to change your life or do you disregard your mental power? Most people have never been taught to appreciate the power of their minds.
Mental empowerment begins by making a personal choice. Understanding how the mind works and how to use the mental tools that are available to you, begins mental empowerment. The four mental tools to create wellness (as well as any other change in your life) are:
1. Imagination 2. Thoughts 3. Beliefs 4. Choice
These four mental tools contain the power to improve or destroy your life. They create the nature of your attitude and your self image. You can not fully understand your inner power without owning these tools and using them to create the life you desire.
Mental healing begins by making a choice to use the power of your mind.
THE CHOICE: To believe your thoughts are powerful and attract and create your experiences... or, to believe that it doesn't matter what you think. Life isn't a choice, it is only an experience that you have no control over.
If we deny our thinking and imagination, we are out of alignment with our mental power on this third level of our being. Thus, disempowered on the mental level of our being; leading to illness rather than wellness.
When you believe your mind holds the key to your personal power, you become more conscious of your thoughts and choices. You understand that your imagination is where all change begins; First in your mind and then in your life. Make the choice to understand these tools, learn about them and use them to lead you closer toward healing and wholeness.
"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." -Albert Einstein
Disempowered individuals believe that the imagination is just "pretend" and has no power, it is only make believe. When we engage our imagination and visualize the healthy expression of ourselves in our minds, we will create the blueprint of our future. Your imagination is a preview or your lifes experiences. Use it!
How to Access the Power of Your Imagination to Change Your Life. The quickest way I know is to practice visualization and guided imagery techniques. You can discover how to focus your attention and use your imagination by learning to meditate. This is the quickest method I know to gain access to the power of your mind. (See my guided meditations)
The Forth Level is Spiritual Healing: Your Relationship to the Divine.
Your spiritual nature, regardless of your religion or lack of it, is about a personal and private relationship with the Divine, with God. What is God? Most simply put, God is Love. To honor God is to honor your relationship with love.
Beyond the emotional expression of human love is divine love. A love that begins by being understanding, compassionate and forgiving. Divine love is so much more than emotional love. It is the ultimate state of being. Being a loving person, becomes the foundation through which you establish permanent healing and activate your life-force energy to create wholeness that leads to mental, emotional and physical healing.
Spirituality is your personal relationship with God. If God created... all-that-is, then everything is a creation of God (love). Spirituality is the way we relate to our lives with love or without it. Spirituality is not a ritual we do on Sunday and it's not a book with rules and regulations, that's religion. Spirituality's only rule is love. Love is the way you relate to living your life.
Spirituality is your personal relationship to everything in your life. Spirituality is your relationship with your body, emotions, and mind. Spirituality is your relationship to your work, money, family and friends and it all hinges upon wether those relationships are based on love and understanding or judgement and separation. Being loving is the most healing and powerful experience to change the nature of your life. It is the ultimate healing energy.
When we honor our relationship with God we recognize that our free-will choice to love God is really about choosing to love ourselves and everything and everybody in our lives.
The true nature of healing is focused on loving yourself enough to:
o Nurture your body by meeting its needs for health
o Honor your emotions and handle them honestly
o Value the power of your mind to overcome resistance to change
o Knowing that spirituality is simply about choosing to love
o Ask God for healing and strength to reach your full potential
o Remember that God isn't separate from the physical world.
The purpose of holistic healing is to create heaven on earth by becoming whole and at one with all that is. Only then can wholeness and healing become as natural as breathing. The true nature of health becomes the way we live our lives, not just a quick and temporary cure to fix or keep our body alive!
Aliveness is the natural way to increase your energy. Aliveness emerges from a healthy relationship with all four levels of your being, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Aliveness is being physically energized, emotionally free, mentally clear and spiritually connected to life. Spirituality healing is a choice available to everyone. The choice to access the power within whenever we choose and to remember we are loved by God and the way to love God is to love our lives and create a healthy wholeness with all-that-is. Applying these secrets will increase your healing energy and create positive changes on all levels of your life
Michaiel Patrick Bovenes is a personal empowerment teacher, professional speaker, healer and author. Since 1994, he's been the author of a popular series of guided visualization meditations, he calls, Soul-utions. He offers classes and writes articles for various magazines and ezines worldwide. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

How to Blend Your Earthly and Spiritual Beings

Most spiritualists find it difficult to be accepted by family and friends who don't understand your spiritual goals and experiences. While you go through your ascension process, it is important to remember that your ascension process is yours and yours alone and shouldn't be shared with non-spiritualists. Not that ascension is a secret, it is just a personal process.
When you are not on a spiritual journey, focusing on fitting in with family and friends is vital to psychological wellness and overall physical health. The process of ascending spiritually comes with many lessons, both exciting and upsetting incidents will occur along your journey. Theses incidents can affect your normal life and routines. Friends and family may start to question your sanity and become worried at first. Keeping your spirituality and your earthly being separate can keep you from losing close friendships or family relationships.
Ascension Candidates are typically unstable as earthly beings. Most will change jobs often, go through karmic relationships quickly, and are financially unstable. Mastering your two selves means you will be a happier being in both realms.
It is tough going through all your lessons, initiations, and ascension syndromes without having a good number of people think you are off your rocker a bit. The best way to do that is to build an earthly reputation as being fun-loving and lighthearted. Making fun a part of your routine tends to make the rough patches in your road, smoother and easier to handle.
Let's face it, when negativity surrounds your earthly being, it blocks your spiritual being from evolving. Make sure you do something you enjoy everyday. I recommend things you liked to do as a kid, like dating, watching or playing sports, any source of entertainment, or having an occasional glass of wine or beer.
Your friends and family may notice you are going through a tough time. Being humble and trying to laugh it off by having some fun may make your friends and family much more supportive. They will be supportive even though they don't know what it is exactly that is causing your rough patch.
In the end, it is all about getting through your ascension process as safely and quickly as possible. At some point in the process you will have past life lessons and major initiations to go through. All lessons must be learned and all initiations must be accepted with honor so your spiritual being can ascend to where it needs to go.

The Key Role of Emotional Health In Your Physical Health

In the first years of family medical practice, I became very aware that my patients were coming to me in a lot of fear and distress despite receiving maximum therapy from medical treatments, in particular treatments for cancer. They were feeling fearful and helpless and I felt helpless to help them.
I wanted to help reduce my patients' fear and suffering. I wondered if there were ways to help my patients feel less fearful, helpless and powerless and with doing so, surely better results would be possible.
I also realized that despite the many strengths of Medicine, it cannot do everything. Surely better results will be possible if the patient gets involved and feels able to contribute.
I have come to understand that there is a whole disease - that disease and illness have mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects not only a physical one.
Certainly the first priority is to treat and manage the physical disease. However, I have found, as many other doctors and therapists have experienced, that when a patient also deals with the associated mental and emotional aspects the benefits of medical treatment can be greatly enhanced. I discovered that when I helped my patients heal their life, they often healed physically.
Several well known researchers and doctors have written of their experience in treating the whole disease -
• Dr. Bernie Siegel - formerly a general surgeon who did a lot of cancer surgery. He noted that some 15 % of his patients did much better than expected. When he spoke with these patients, he discovered they were using the opportunity of cancer to give focus to healing their lives. In 1978 Dr. Siegel started cancer patient groups (ECaP - Exceptional Cancer Patients) -around the United States which helps cancer patients become aware of their healing potential - facilitating personal change and healing their lives and healing physically.
• Dr. Deepak Chopra - American board certified Endocrinologist who has established a centre for spiritual and emotional well-being and healing in California. He has spoken and written extensively on the link between thoughts, emotions and beliefs and the effect on the physical body. He is at the forefront of and one of the key contributors to mind-body medicine.
• Dr. Gabor Mate - one of our own Vancouver physicians, reports in his book 'When the Body Says No - The Cost of Hidden Stress' many interviews with patients in which there is an uncovering patterns of stress. Throughout the book, he makes reference to innumerable studies that investigate the interplay of emotional stress and disease.
To quote from page 60 - "A rich body of evidence, drawn from animal studies and human experience, supports the impression of cancer patients (themselves) that emotional stress is a major contributing cause of breast malignancy.
Contrary to the assertions of the Toronto researchers, the 'evidence for genetics' is not high. Only a small minority of women are at high genetic risk for breast cancer and only a small minority of women with breast cancer - about 7 % - acquire the disease for genetic reasons. Even for those genetically predisposed, environmental factors must be involved, since far from everyone with one of the three genes known to be associated with breast cancer will actually develop a malignant tumour. In the vast majority of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, heredity makes little or no contribution."
... and from page 61 -
" Many studies... fail to appreciate that stress is not only a question of external stimulus but also of individual response. It occurs in the real lives of real persons whose inborn temperament, life history, emotional patterns, physical and mental resources, and social and economic supports vary greatly... In most cases of breast cancer, the stresses are hidden and chronic. They stem from childhood experiences, early emotional programming and unconscious psychological coping styles. They accumulate over a lifetime and make someone susceptible to disease."
Dr. Mate's comments above totally concur with the body experience of doctors and psychologists that I have been following in the last 15 years or so.
What I do in my practice is make sure the patient is getting ongoing medical care and treatment as needed. I then approach the disease within a wider context of the mental, emotional, psychosocial/spiritual aspects.
In doing so, I am often able to engage the patient in bringing up knowledge of his/her life and the impact of hidden, unconsciously held patterns of stress and provide tools to help him/her release and heal. There is no absolute guarantee for full healing and the possibility is there.
Remember you are the power in your life to create your own greater health and happiness.
Dr. Nelie Johnson is a family physician and facilitator for healing - inspiring and guiding people to tap into their own healing potential. She is a contributing author to a bestselling book and provides seminars, workshops, and private consultations

The Spiritual Side of Health - Exercise

Becoming what God created you to be!
Spiritual Elements of Exercise
Romans 12:1--And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice--the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.
I Corinthians 6:19-20--Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you
and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought
you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.
a. Recognize that you need His help.
b. Turn to God for strength, for motivation, accountability, guidance, consistency.
c. Be obedient.
d. Keep motives/perspective God-honoring.
e. Pray for support team.
Physical Elements of Exercise
Hebrews 12:11--For the time being, no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it [a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness---in conformity to God's will in purpose, thought, and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God.]
I. Improve functional strength for daily living-Focus on core strength movements
II. Improve lung capacity and heart strength through cardiovascular training
III. Improve flexibility, mobility
IV. Practice relaxation and self-massage
1. How can you apply the concept of exercise as a way to worship and honor God? How does this idea affect your perspective and motivation in working out?
2. What are ways to keep your perspective and motives God-honoring? How can your thoughts easily become manipulated?
3. What are ways you will incorporate the spiritual element of exercise into your physical routine? How will you apply the physical element of exercise into your spiritual routine?
Shift your focus from working out for your own good and health, to that of worshipping God. Pay attention to how that changes the intensity and motivation behind your daily workouts.
Specifically pray for God's hand in your workout prior to working out. (ex. Pray He will help you maintain a Godly perspective, motivation, etc.)
Set a personal goal this week for exercising. Record what you will do each day on your planner and hold yourself accountable to maintain and increase your spiritual and physical endurance.
Mantra for Week:
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Psalm 16:3
Workout for Week--
Complete 3 days a week:
10 Jumping Jacks
10 Push-Ups (at wall, floor, or on knees)
10 Sit-Ups (on ball, anchored feet)
10 Tricep Dips
10 Squats
Choose to complete the entire list of exercises as many times as you can without stopping for 15 minutes....or complete the list of exercises 3 times through without stopping. Record on the fitForum how many times you make it through the list, or how long it took you to complete the 3 sets.
Cardio Exercise (1-2 days a week): Swim, Bike, Run, Jumping Jacks, Stair climbing, Elliptical, etc.
Work hard 30 seconds: go easy or rest 15 seconds...repeat 10 x without stopping. Record the distance you travel or number of reps completed during the 10 sets.

Positive Aspects of Spiritual Health Holidays

Physical health
A gentle sojourn that brings together travel to stunning natural settings and interesting destinations is known to possess tangible overall health benefits. Studies prove that holidays, particularly those with plenty of leisure time, can lower the blood pressure, increase the defense mechanisms and even improve memory.
Day-to-day pressures of work and family can lead to severe sleep deprivation. Spiritual health holidays including meditation, exercise in nature, comfortable lodgings and a leisurely schedule are certain to enhance the quality and quantity of sleep. A 15-minute siesta in the warmth of the day is a great way to refresh the exhausted brain!
Mental health
Spiritual health holidays are also beneficial from a mental wellness point of view. Resting the mind is as important as resting the body. Cerebral exhaustion is a known side effect of contemporary life that can lead to a mental breakdown.
Health and wellness holidays that combine solitude, serenity and exercise with travel to new, interesting destinations allows the mind to refresh and re-focus on the bigger picture of life.
Emotional well-being
Stress, difficulties at work and daily setbacks can have a negative impact on emotional well-being. Many folk find it tricky to deal with the way of the world and are simply swamped by negativity.
Spiritual travel to new environments allows one to reflect on the objective of existence. By being separate from colleagues, family and even buddies, you'll be able to focus on the real priorities. Thinking positively and getting the right balance can enhance standard of living and psychological well-being.
Deeper connection with nature
Health and wellness holidays generally consist of travel to remote locations in nature. It can be spectacular desert landscapes, secretive forest hideaways or towering mountain peaks.
Nature walks, star gazing or simply meditating in stunning surroundings help remind people of their innate connection to the universe. The awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and everyone in the world offers both meaning and a feeling of belonging.
Personal growth
Travel is a mind-opener that provides an excellent leap in personal development. Experiencing different creeds, cultures, customs and rituals increases one's perspective. Moving out of a comfort zone into the wide world supplies a more powerful feeling of direction and purpose, as well as a comprehension of well-being and accomplishment.
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Time out of Time operates spiritual health holidays to the Karoo Desert in South Africa, a destination known for its healing qualities.

Healthy Relationships Revealed

Healthy relationships are dependent on the health of the people in the relationship. This is not exclusive to physical health; in fact the physical health is lower in importance for realizing a healthy relationship. Mental and spiritual health are the most influencing factors when it comes to the health of a relationship.
Mental health
The easiest way to explain mental health is to say it is how an individual views and treats themselves. Yes, mental health is often influenced by outside stimuli, but it still boils down to how the individual responds to that stimulus towards themselves. Besides, life in itself is nothing more than an accumulation of outside influences and experiences. It is how that individual responds, grows and matures from those experiences that measure their mental health. By looking at it in that manner, it is much easier to see how important mental health is to a healthy relationship. If someone does not have a healthy relationship with themselves, then they will not be able to experience or contribute to a healthy relationship with anyone else.
Spiritual health
While typically people tend to associate spirituality with religion, there is actually a great difference between the two. For the concept of healthy relationships, we will have to separate the two even more. Spiritual health is better associated on how an individual views and treats others. This is our spiritual health because, if we are kind and generally loving to others, we tend to be spiritually sound. But if someone generally takes advantage of others and generally mistreats people, then their spiritual health is very lacking, and over time can completely dissipate. Spiritual health may be more apparent to the contribution of a healthy relationship, as it is how someone treats others. Since a relationship is the cohesive interaction and growth of two individuals, each individual's spiritual health is important.
The interesting thing about the spiritual health is that people who have a poor spiritual health will typically find themselves partnered with those who have poor mental health. This type of coupling tends to produce not only an unhealthy relationship, but more likely a completely toxic relationship. When people get depressed, place their personal happiness on the shoulders of someone else, they open themselves to those who thrive on that negative energy. It is this type of relationship that is most common, and of course the most damaging to both individuals. People with sound mental and spiritual health might find themselves with someone who is lacking in either area, but they will remove themselves from this unhealthy relationship as soon as possible. Failure to do so, will begin to drain on their own health, until they eventually, for lack of a better word, compliment their partner deficiency.
Understanding these basic foundational concepts will provide you with the pathway to be able to contribute and experience healthy relationships. Not only healthy romantic partnerships, but friendships and even family as well. If you find yourself in unhealthy relationships from time to time, then that might be a good indicator for you to look at yourself. Now if you find yourself in those toxic relationships, especially if they seem to go on and on for long periods of time, then you must immediately look at yourself. Focus on your own mental health. If you are unable to look at yourself alone, then get some help. Work on the things you don't like about yourself, retrain the way you treat yourself. Focusing here is where your efforts will pay off the most, as an individual's mental health will affect their spiritual health. Raise one, and the other will follow. Sometimes your mental health will depend on your physical health. If so, then start there.
The most important thing to remember is that if you want to have a healthy relationship, you have to be healthy yourself. You cannot depend on someone else to do this for you. It is completely impossible. Healthy people will not stay with unhealthy ones. And if you are able to bring a healthy person to an unhealthy level, then it is no longer capable of being a healthy relationship. So fix your broken parts till you can smile at yourself in the mirror. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect yourself, and don't allow others to take advantage of you. Be willing to go out of your way for someone special for nothing in return. When you are able to be at that point, you will find yourself with someone similar to you, and the two of you will experience the most incredible, lasting, healthy relationship you ever imagined.

The Importance of Physical Education

Physical education or health and physical education are the areas of knowledge that will ultimately drive our success engine. We are physical and spiritual beings. Our mind, body, and spirit are all connected and learning how they work together and how to care for them can save us from unnecessary pain and suffering. Knowing how to take care of our body, mind, and spirit will lead us down the path toward happiness, health, and wealth.
The most powerful tool of influence we have is to model good behaviors. We should be sure we are working on our health and fitness at the same time we preach to others about the value health, fitness, and participation in sports. Each of us will have our own issues, goals, and obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle, but we must strive for excellence in this area. When we live it, we will feel the difference. We will find it much easier to dream, act, achieve, and enjoy.
There are a few areas of health and physical education we will focus on at this time. First, I will discuss the area of fitness. Fitness has to do with stamina, strength, and flexibility. Our objective should be fit enough so that a day of physical activity does not lay us up for a week.
To begin a fitness routine you need to visit your doctor and let him or her know what you want to do. They will give you the practical advice based on your over-all health. In doing this fitness routine you should build in stretching, anaerobic exercise, and aerobic exercise. You most definitely do NOT need to buy expensive gym equipment or memberships at clubs to get started. There are a number of good programs you can do right at home. Having someone who will do this with you and hold you accountable would be a great benefit. Any fitness program you actually do and do consistently will help you in all areas of your life. You will have more energy, will perform better on the job, will feel less stress, and will sleep better. You must take action to achieve those benefits. The motivation to follow through and the building of the routine is most people's down-fall. That is topic of a future article.
The second area is that of athleticism. Athleticism covers things like stamina, coordination, speed, and agility. It encompasses the skills that enable us to do many different physical tasks. It is also the skills that would allow us to participate in team and individual sports for our entire lives. Skiing, swimming, basketball, baseball, softball, cycling, tennis, bowling, and of course golf are several of many sports that can provide a fun and competitive outlet for people of all ages. For those who are not naturally athletic becoming fit and actually participating in athletic activities and exercises can and will improve that athleticism. You can find that competitive outlet and not feel embarrassed about your performance. Just go get in the game.
Nutrition is a broad topic. There are basic principles that you need to understand. First, your body needs basic building blocks for your cells. It must get vitamins and minerals in the correct amount to operate to its maximum abilities. We get those vitamins in minerals from the foods and drinks we consume. The next basic principle is that the fuel for our body is calories. If we consume more calories than our body uses it converts the extra calories to fat. When we consume fewer calories than our body needs we burn excess fat. In each case we can develop serious health conditions if either problem continues for an extended period of time. One other fundamental principle is we must keep our bodies hydrated. Dehydration is an often ignored and a serious problem in America today. Within those foundations there are numerous other nutrition related topics that can be discussed all of which can impact our overall health. There are a number of books that would be highly recommended reading.
The final category would be that of our well-being. It is this area that may well be the most important, yet the most misunderstood and the most difficult to share. Our well-being consists not only of our general health and fitness, but our spiritual well-being as well. It is that spiritual side that has be so over-looked in western medicine. We are spiritual beings anyway you look at it and denying that truth can lead to serious consequences.
Spirituality goes beyond who we are. It includes things like beliefs, values, emotions and intelligence. These aspects of a person's personality are not easily understood, but profoundly impact who they are and their well-being. There are psychological processes that can show people how to change your beliefs, values, and emotions. We can do things to improve our ability to think and reason. At the same time, genetics plays a role in those areas and will influence health and well-being as do injuries to the brain. Those factors are only part of the spiritual picture.
Spirituality has played a significant role in healing in most religions of the world. Eastern religions and native religions have kept more of those healing arts in tact over the centuries than have the western, Christian nations. Any discussion regarding spirituality and health would be incomplete if it did not include a discussion of faith and religious creeds. It also must be noted that while religious people tend to live longer and healthier than non-religious people being religious does not automatically mean you will be healthy; however, if you are truly a convert of a religious faith you will tend to be healthier than those who don't.
Does it matter what religious faith you are? First, we must point out that ALL religions are mutually exclusive. They have core beliefs that set them apart from other religious views and those core beliefs cannot all be true. Given that fact it is a reasonable conclusion that it does matter because each will have a different view on how an individual is to live their life and what happens to you upon death. It then would make sense to investigate the truth claims of the religions of the world. If you were to start your investigation with Christian truth claims you may find that you can dismiss all the other claims because a fundamental truth claim of Christianity is that Jesus Christ was the only way to reach God, the father. If those claims are true then all other claims to the contrary are false.
We truly don't fully understand the spiritual realm but we do know it does positively impact our physical and emotional health and well-being. So, seek the truth, build a relationship with God, and enjoy improved health and well-being.
Christian Barnard received his BA degree in Economics and his Masters degree in Special Education. After graduating, Christian began his study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, Behavioral Modeling, Time Line Therapy techniques, Personal finance, and education. He spent much of his career working with unhealthy, unmotivated and unsuccessful students helping to get them back on track

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Exercise Works to Increase Your Physical and Spiritual Energy

Exercising has many benefits that you can enjoy. From better health to a stronger immune system and a more favorable body image, exercise works to your advantage in many ways. Plus, it even increases your spiritual energy! Here are some things you should know about exercising and why it helps you be a better person.
Natural High
When you start exercising, you will notice that you will experience a natural "high." This is a feeling that can be addictive, and it makes you want to exercise even more. Exercise works to release endorphins in your body which helps relieve stress, and it gives your body an overall sense of feeling good.
Fights Depression
One of the psychological health benefits of exercise is that it can fight depression. According to recent studies, burning about 350 calories three times each week has the same effect as taking antidepressants for relieving depression. This is because exercise helps stimulate neuron production in the areas of the brain that is damaged by depression.
Improved Self Esteem
Even if you have many pounds to lose before you reach your ideal goal weight, one of the health effects of exercising is a better self-esteem. Even minor improvements and reaching small goals can give you a burst of confidence that makes you want to continue your exercise routine.
Improved Brain Health
Regular exercise, even if it's just a short, leisurely walk around your neighborhood, can help keep your brain healthy. Over the years, exercise will help prevent memory loss, and it can keep your mind sharp. It has also been shown to fend off Alzheimer's. It does this by protecting the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is in charge of the memory. This is also one of the first areas of the brain that is vulnerable to the damage of Alzheimer's.
Overall Health
In addition to all of the above health benefits of exercise, it also helps prevent some other common problems that many people have to deal with. The risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and several types of cancer is also significantly reduced when you participate in regular exercise.
Nobody can argue against the health benefits of exercise. Except in rare cases, there aren't any disadvantages to having a regular workout routine. If you want to begin an exercise regimen, talk to your doctor to see what types of exercises are ideal for you.

Mental Health and Spiritual Health - Why They Are Essential to Success

In a previous article, we discussed how physical health is a critical part of achieving success in life. No matter whether you are after financial success, academic success, or success in your personal relationships, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are essential for success. These three different areas of health all affect your relationships with other person, which leads to you having success in life.
I first read the book The Power of Positive Thinking about four years ago. I immediately realized why on a daily basis I must feed my brain with positive affirmations and information. After reading that book, I no longer enjoyed watching the same TV shows that I once did. I no longer enjoyed listening to the music that I once did. I really started to take my mental health very seriously. Every person you hang around in every word you listen to, affect your mental health, whether you want it to or not. It is not a choice that you have. If you hang around negative people, your brain will automatically start thinking negative. The same is true if you hang around positive people, you will automatically start thinking more positive.
When you start thinking more positively about yourself and life in general, many new things begin to happen. You start to meet new people that you would have never met before. You start saying things you would have never said before. You start thinking new ideas that you would have never thought before. Positivity will automatically fall into all areas of your life. The new relationships you will form will astound you. Once you start thinking positively, you will wonder why you did not start this from day one.
Spiritual health is another very important, but controversy over and trivial part of life. Many people were laid spiritual health to a religion. I believe that this day and age, and in the future, that spirituality will become more commonly disassociated with religion. Religion is a great way to get spirituality, but there are other ways. Whichever way that you decided is right for you and your life will help you become a more positive and happy person. It is true that people who regularly attend church services, no matter what the religion, are usually healthier and happier people. They most likely have fewer divorces and less drug and alcohol abuse. There is something to spirituality that really helps you become complete as a human being. Whether you choose to be religious or not, make sure you spend time developing spiritual health in life, whatever that may mean to you.
To sum it all up, physical, mental, and spiritual health for the three components you need to achieve success in your life. No matter what kind of success you are after him a having all three of these components are a vital key. Even if you do achieve short-term success without all three components, it will most likely not last. You should think of these three components at the foundation to your house. Without a proper foundation, your house would fall over with the first thunderstorm that came. Make sure you build your foundation in life out of breaks and not pine straw.

Essentials Of Highly Healthy People

Health is derived from the old English word "whole". The definition of Health is intended to include those things that "make a person whole" which means more than just physical well-being.
In 1948, World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, social or relational well-being and not merely the absence or disease of infirmity. The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.
In 1984, WHO added spirituality to its list of factors necessary for optimum health. If we are to be truly healthy, the physical, mental and spiritual elements must be functioning as God designed them to function. The physical may be the most unimportant of the three because with good mental and spiritual health, we can still be content even though our bodies may be unhealthy.
From ancient to modern times, authoritative sources indicates that health is continually defined in terms of the physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual well-being.
Health is a major topic in the Bible and it is viewed primarily as the restoration and strengthening of one's personal relationship with God. It is also viewed as a healthy lifestyle (physically and emotionally) that focuses on passing healthy relationships with your family and with other people.
Being highly healthy means being healthy in every area of your life during every stage of your life. It means being balanced in these areas: body, mind, spirit and community usually taken as the four "wheels" of Health. By balancing these aspects of health, you can become blessed and thus, highly healthy.
a. The essential of balance
b. The essential of self-care
c. The essential of forgiveness
d. The essential of reducing SADness (Stress, Anxiety and Depression)
e. The essential of relationships
f. The essential of spiritual well-being
g. The essential of positive self-image
h. The essential of discovering your destiny
i. The essential of personal responsibility and
j. The essential of empowerment
k. The essential of team work.
These are designed and programmed into the very core of our beings. It is important they are understood, learnt and applied in our daily living in order to become highly healthy.
These wheels are likened to the four wheels of a stable car with strong spokes for each wheel all wheels in balance. They represent the:
a. physical health - the well-being of one's body
b. emotional health - the well-being of one's mental faculties and one's connection with his or her various emotions.
c. relational health - the well-being of one's association with family, colleagues and friends in the context of a community that is healthy and
d. spiritual health - the well-being of one's relationship with God
Further indepth into them shows:
(a) The physical wheel
Maximum physical health occurs when the body with all its chemicals, parts and systems is functioning as closely as possible to the way God designed it to function. For a person to be physically healthy, disease must be prevented whenever possible and treated as needed. When illness or disorder is incurable, physical health involves learning to cope with and adapt to physical disease.
With good emotional, relational and spiritual health, a person can still be highly healthy, even though his or her body may not be "whole".
The major determinants of physical health are the activities you engage in (exercises, walk), rest hours (sleep, relaxation, vacations, recreation). Intake into the body (water, good, and toxins) fruits and vegetables, mineral in-take of caffeine, tobacco, soft drinks, saturated fats, highly processed foods, fast food and sweets, illicit drugs, alcoholic drink, beverages); elimination (urine, stool, bowel movements).
(b) Emotional wheel
This is the state of maximum emotional and mental well-being. It is not the absence of emotional distress which is unavoidable for any imperfect human being. Being emotionally healthy requires learning to cope with and to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions each of us faces everyday throughout our lives. It requires healthy brain function. If the brain dyefunction is untreated, it becomes non-functional and throws his physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wheels out of balance. This has to do with stimulation (too hot, too cold or just right). If you experience too much or too little stimulation, if you are too busy or exceptionally bored, you are suffering from emotional health. Enough quiet is required in everyone's life. Another aspect which is quietness (peace, tranquility in one's soul), lack of self-worth, lack of intimacy with others, loneliness associated with accumulated grudges towards others or yourself, lack of intimacy with God are the major causes of emotional pain. Any of these lacks can lead to simmering, embittering anger towards others or yourself or God.
Life long learning is important to one's health. As the physical exercise helps the heart, muscles and bones, stay healthy, your brain benefits from mental actuality. Continuing to educate yourself and staying mentally active are ways to protect yourself from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Regular reading, having a challenging job and participation in ongoing education is linked with sharper mind later in life. Teaching, crossword puzzles, class or church education all help the maintenance of emotional wheel.
(c) Relational Wheel
This is the state of maximum well-being in all our social relationships - those with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers, broader community. Relational stress and discord are inevitable as we interact with fellow human beings. We have to do all we can to prevent and "treat" disordered relationships. Relational wheel involves trusting people and relations, parents, children, spouse, extended family, friends and support groups.
The relationship you have with your parents plays a critical role in determining your ability to have good relationships with others. If your parents balanced love with discipline, freedom with limits, and nurture with training, and if your relationship with them when you became adult was healthy, enjoyable and affectionate, then you have a good relational health. The same with children and spouses. Our relations - sisters, brothers aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews have profound impact on our mental, physical and spiritual health.
Friends also play important role in predicting premature death and disease. People who have nobody caring for them, who do not feel close to anyone, have no one in whom to confide are likely to suffer premature death or disease more. Having friends who love, care for us with unconditional support give us powerful positive health benefits.
(d) Spiritual wheel
This is defined as the state of maximum well-being in our personal relationship with our creator. To be spiritually healthy, any separation or disharmony on our relationship with God must be prevented or treated. This is the most crucial one of all the other aspects of health.
Healthy people make their spiritual well-being a consistent priority by actively seeking to understand Gods plans and design for them in terms of their physical, emotional, relational and spiritual condition, seeking and accepting their creator's personal instructions and direction in their lives. If the spiritual wheel is given less attention than the other three, we cannot be highly healthy while, we are not promised a perfectly healthy physical life, the Bible promises those who have a vital personal relationship with God an abundant life one that will be full and meaningful - infused with purpose, contentment and joy.
To have spiritual health, trust in God, pray and meditate and fellowship in a faith community and faith sharing.
The Essential of Balance: Set a wise balance in your life - the "health car" with its four "wheels of health" cannot run smoothly without all wheels running well i.e. being in balance. Neglecting one or more of your wheels of health will result in imbalanced health problems. You cannot become a highly healthy person without first diagnosing your unique areas of disease and maintenance.
b. The Essential of Self-care: Be proactive in preventing disease.. The secret to becoming and staying highly healthy is to prevent "disease" in body, mind, spirit and in relationships as much as is possible.
i. Exercise makes you feel healthier than eating does. Regular exercise help to control weight, improve overall health, reduce risk of such medical problems as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
ïi. Exercise for at least 30 minutes five days per week.
iii Exercise regularly and consistently to control your weight
iv. avoid highly processed foods.
v. eat nutritious diet and do not over eat. Eat foods with high fibre content, whole grains, nuts, sugar yogurt and low in calories, salt, saturated fats and refined sugars. Health enhancing fish is important too.
vi. drink lots of water and do not smoke.
vii. consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
viii. do not consume alcohol or tobacco products.
ix. Practice and enjoy regular sex with your legal spouse in mutually monogamous relationship.
c. The Essential of Forgiveness: Practice acceptance and letting go.
F = Forgiving is highly healthy
O = Organize your thoughts by writing
R = Review your experience
G = Give the Boot to anger and Regret
I = Invest in removing resentment
V = Victory comes in forgiving others
I = Increase your gratitude for the past pain
N = Navigate to inner place
G = Give comfort to others.
d. The Essential of Reducing SADness-stress, Anxiety and depression). Lighten your load.
1. STRESS is any change that required you to adapt or change the way you are doing something. Stress is virtually unavoidable in contemporary life. Stress can come from big things - retirement, job change, pregnancy, new baby, loss of loved one, new school, new job or from little things - change in weather, flat tyre or traffic jam, sudden deadline, misplaced house keys or an electrical outage. These events are technically called stressors. Some stress is good. We are made to withstand some amount of stress which can help us grow physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Too much stress at one single time or for too long a time usually called chronic stress can lead to weakness in all 4 of our health wheels. We are created to respond to stress in a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual ways. When confronted with more stress than we are designed for - a large stress all at once or smaller amount of relentless.
Stress, our blood pressure and pulse increase. In the short run, this is healthy but in the long run, if the natural fight (stress) response becomes our way of life and can hurt in many ways:
ii. it can damage blood vessels and heart
iii. it can cause the body to release hormons that cause the liver to release sugar, store fat.
iv. it can cause adrenal glands to "poop out".
v. it can cause our muscles to tense up
vi. it can increase the release of stomach acid and affect the motility of the intestine and colon leading to a variety of gastrointestinal upsets and disturbances.
vii. it can suppress the immune system - possibly making us more susceptible to infections and to certain chronic illnesses.
viii. Too much stress can and will keep you from becoming a highly healthy person.
2. ANXIETY in its most basic form is healthy - designed by our Creator to arouse us to and get us ready for action. Anxiety can prepare you physically and emotionally for a threatening situation. Anxiety is designed both to help us cope and to assist us in performing at a high level. But an anxiety disorder occurs when normal anxiety does the opposite - instead of helping you cope, it prevents you from coping and dramatically disrupts your daily life.
General anxiety disorder comes on without any trigger. People with general anxiety disorder worry about health, money, job, family or work. They are unable to relax and often have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Their worries are almost accompanied by physical symptoms such as trembling, twitching, muscle tension, headaches, irritability, sweating or hot flashes; nauseated, go to bathroom frequently, have palpitations or atypical chest pains, feel tired, cannot concentrate and suffer depression. This is more common in women than in men.
3. DEPRESSION weakens the emotional wheel and prevents people from becoming highly healthy. It often accompanies anxiety disorder. Depression is commonly accompanied by feeling of sadness, apathy and hopelessness as well as changes in appetite or sleep. Depression can also make it difficult for some people to concentrate. Some types of depression can be treated using modern anti-depression medications, dietary supplements, nutritional therapies, exercise, light therapy, pastoral counseling or psychotherapy. Some researchers conclude that depression is caused by an imbalance in the hormones of the brain.
4. The Essential of Relationship: Avoid loneliness. Loneliness leads to evil plans. If your brain stays idle, it becomes sick and deteriorates into the devil's workshop and you become automatically the devils work tool. Always engage yourself in meaningful ventures.
i. live with and depend on the extended family who offer cradle to grave security and support.
ii. avoid loneliness, relationships with neighbours, family and friends are vital.
iii. respect the elders so that when they become elderly, they enjoy the admiration, honour, esteem and affection of their families and of society.
iv. Build family intimacy.
5. The Essential of spiritual well-being: Cultivate a time for spirituality.
The Bible promises that if we choose to trust God and live according to the purpose he designed for each of us or we can rely instead on our own finite plans and efforts. It promises also that if we choose God to fill and empower our very Souls, then we will develop spiritual fruit that endures, regardless of our circumstances or the state of our physical, emotional, or relational health. All the good things of life - right marriage, right job, right kids, right amount of money, right car or house or clothes can only be added to the most important element of wellness, namely, seeking, knowing, and pleasing God. If we believe in and trust God, if we make an intimate relationship with him a priority, if he controls and empowers our lives and we seek our purpose in his grand design, then we will experience wholeness at the deepest level of our being.
Spiritual healthiness ensures longer life, lower Blood pressure, improved surgical outcomes, shorter hospital stays, improved mental health, overall well-being:
i. Place your relationship with God at the centre of your life
ii. Read, memorize and meditate on Bible passages daily.
iii. Spend time on meditation and prayer daily.
6. The essential of a positive self-image: See yourself as your Creator sees you.
Our human nature is to compare ourselves to others. This results in feelings of inferiority. This is called compare and despair problem.
If your self-esteem is low, you need to do these:
i. Avoid negative self-talk
ii. Think positively
iii. Aim above the normal standard
iv. Do the things that bring joy and satisfaction
v. Serve others.
Other essentials necessary for healthy living are:
7. The Essential of Discovering Your Destiny (Nurture your hopes and dreams)
8. The Essential of Personal Responsibility (Be your own health care controller)
9. The Essential of Empowerment (Imitation is limitation as you can get to the level you wish in
your life setting your own goal for yourself).
10. The Essential of Team Work (Team up with winning health care providers)
You can decide today to live a highly healthy life having seen the methods, benefits and consequences of being healthy and not. Your destiny is in your own hands and the choice is yours. Spend time each week with highly healthy people and you will change for the better is yours. Spend time each week with highly healthy people and you will change for the better.

Spiritual Verses Physical Health

As a child, my brother and I were playing with pillows and I received a large deep cut to the inside of my right eyebrow. It became infected to where both of my eyes filled with puffy white infectious matter and closed. Mother took me to our Pediatrician and He also visited our home. I was given a Tetnaus injection.
He never told us I could easily die as the infection was severe and so close to my brain. He had me hold a warm light bulb over a wet clean washcloth while laying in bed. That could have electrocuted me I thought at a much later date. There were no stitches given. Later, he gave me some penicillin. In a few weeks, my Grandmother let me know just how close to death I had been and this frightened me. My brother, some 45 years later, told me he felt guilty all these years. I just laughed and said I enjoyed the attention I got from my face being scarred. Grandmother knew how and when to pray. Those prayers are still coming true today.
Many times I have been in grave danger, yet I lived. I worked in a prison and a jail where I was severely assaulted. I know no one is good enough as a mortal to really know our Creator, but it is a process. Life is a precious gift and only for a short time as time goes. Who can say that your quality is "less than" and needs to be shortened? Forgiveness is such a big word for something that affects health, as do the other emotions when out of balance. Ask yourself, why are you holding a grudge? Did you ever love this person? How did you hurt this one? What is the reason for the problem? Do you fear them? Are they all bad? Pray for them.
Now I realize some people and animals brains are defective and they are unable to have empathy or feelings for others. We call them sociopaths and most of the time society locks them up. People that hurt children I never understood. Damage can last a lifetime. We truly are what we think and eat. Natural healers are sun light, clean water, and healthy foods. if you are fortunate enough to speak to an ancestor, diet and recipes make for lovely topics and your good health. Just because a doctor says you will die in a few months does not make it true. One, bless him, said my Mother would be dead over three years ago and then wanted to know what our family did to keep her here. Prayer works if done sending love and healing. Speech is a very powerful force. Negative energy is a bad thing. Learning continues on this earth if we have that hunger. We are all related as humans.

Your Health Is In Your Hands - Living Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual Freedom

Threats to Health
Whenever your body is forced to defend itself against external threats of physical impurities or discordant influences, such as stress or sensory over-indulgence, it naturally develops the emotions of fear and insecurity. These emotions have the purpose of alerting you to the difficulties your body has in keeping itself vibrant, healthy and efficient.
There are many potential health threats, including a vast number of man-made environmental pollutants. Others are concealed in thousands of different foods and drinks that are factory-made. Adding to the dilemma, most processed and refined foods have lost their natural life force and are of no use other than to provide empty calories and congesting bulk. If there is any naturalness left in these foods, microwave ovens, deep frying and freezing make certain that we receive very little or no life force from the foods we eat.
The immune system is incessantly engaged in trying to defend the body against a number of other noxious things, such as chemical additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, nerve toxins (caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol) and the poisons that make medicinal drugs so 'effective'.
Then there is the highly acidic metabolic waste product carbon dioxide that the body tries to eliminate with every breath. Just as too much of it in the atmosphere may disturb ecological balance, when we ingest carbonated drinks we force this gas right back into the body. This unnatural situation acidifies the blood and undermines the metabolic health of every cell in the body. A sedentary lifestyle only exacerbates this situation.
If you ingest synthetic drugs such as artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, NutraSweet, Saccharin), the body breaks them down into methanol (wood alcohol) and other poisons. These not only disrupt cell health but also blast endocrine balance. As they begin to break through the brain barrier they cause damage to the central nervous system and cause havoc throughout the body. The FDA has recorded more than 94 symptoms of disease caused by Aspartame alone, including death. Remember, artificial sweeteners are added to over 9,000 different foods and drinks, including cereals, diet drinks, sweets, fruit juices, biscuits, cakes, chewing gum and toothpastes.
Disease Is But Self-defense
When the body is no longer able to adequately deal with these or similar health threats, the immune system enters a dramatic and highly reactive phase of alert. This response is in addition to causing emotional distress, such as anxiety or even panic. Conventional medicine calls it 'disease'; I call it 'toxicity crisis.'
Disease doesn't signal that there is something wrong with the body itself. Rather, it shows that the body is trying to defend itself against something that doesn't belong there. In truth, there are no diseases, only various stages of self-defense. The body utilizes an entire arsenal of highly sophisticated defense weaponry to ward off the adverse effects resulting from such health threats.
The first line of defense consists of tiny, friendly microorganisms and micro-plasmas (invisible to most microscopes) that live on the skin and in our mucous lining. They exist everywhere in nature. These tiny organisms make up the primary force for maintaining homeostasis or balance in the body.
The second line of defense involves the body's own immune system, which is dealing mainly with cell protection. It is highly concentrated in the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach's hydrochloric acid is also used to neutralize harmful elements, such as parasites. If there are a lot of harmful substances passing through the digestive system, the mucous lining increases in size to capture, detoxify and remove the 'intruders'. The mucus lining normally regenerates itself after contact with the irritating substances. Constant exposure, however, causes this line of defense to be brake up. As a result, various organ structures become susceptible to harmful microbes and get inflamed or injured.
The body's response to this threat, which makes this the third line of defense, is commonly known as infection. Infection, however, is not caused by microbes, but by the constant overexposure of body tissue to irritating toxins. Microbes are always present in the body and harmless unless they are needed to clean up putrefying and damaged cell tissue. They produce strong toxins as part of their clean-up activities. The infection itself, which often involves major lymphatic activity and inflammatory swelling, results from a massive immune response (increase of antibodies and immune cells.) At this stage of disease development, scar tissue may be formed and defects begin to occur. This marks the beginning of chronic illness, which represents the final line of defense.
Cell Mutation
When toxins eventually make their way into the tissue surrounding the cells of the body (called connective tissue) and into the cells themselves, some of them are cut off from their oxygen or nutrient supply. This causes the cell's internal environment to become acidic, too, rendering its own defense system ineffective. To survive the assault by the acidic substances, the cell's nucleus has no other choice but to mutate, that is, to reprogram its genes to behave in a cancerous manner.
Yet this response also is just another aspect of the body's clever defense strategies. The cell sacrifices its normal balanced state to protect the body against sudden demise through septic poisoning or wasting. Cancer cells have learned to live without oxygen (anaerobic). To obtain energy for cell survival, they utilize metabolic waste products that are stuck in the acidified, congested area; this in turn brings temporary relief for the body.
Cancer is one of the body's final survival attempts to minimize the life-threatening toxicity that is suffocating an area of cell tissue. When the connective tissue surrounding the cells of the body becomes saturated with highly acidified, undigested foods such as animal protein, acidosis results. Acidosis is the most common cause of illness; in fact it can paralyze the entire immune system. In such case, the cancer serves as an emergency immune system to help the body survive a little longer than it would otherwise. Eventually, however, this strategy fails, unless the concentration of toxicity is drastically reduced.
When Your Body Speaks
The physical appearance of disease always is usually accompanied by the emergence of hitherto repressed emotions that have lurked in the shadow of one's personality. Thus, cancer, which marks the collapse of the body's primary defense lines, is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the body/mind complex to bring to the surface of one's attention an underlying emotional self-attack.
Having a harmful 'habit' is basically a form of self-denial. When you deny yourself anything in life, due to feelings of guilt or low worthiness, you will look for external or more superficial ways to gain satisfaction. When this strategy fails, you may express your dismay perhaps in the following manner: "I can't cope anymore", "God doesn't love me" or "It's all so unfair!" And if you don't like yourself the way you are, with all your faults and gifts, you naturally tend to seek love and attention from others. All your energy and passion are channeled into securing external acceptance and approval because you believe that you are lacking these within - that you are not good enough.
Low self-worth puts you on the defense. This usually occurs when you can't get from others what you actually want from yourself. You are truly seeking self-empowerment in life; it is built into you as a natural survival instinct. Because it is not in your best interest to have your expectations fulfilled by others, you will most likely to be disappointed more often than less if you try. To bury your hurt or deny it, you may try to cover up the frustration of not getting what you want from others or from the world. At the same time, though, you will attempt to fill the inner void with such forms of self-destruction as abusing alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, junk food, sex, money, power and influence. Each one of those attempts represents an unbalanced perception of yourself.
The body, in turn, is forced to defend itself against these direct or indirect assaults until one defense line after another breaks down. The final phase of the body's of defense intelligence is chronic illness, such as heart disease, arthritis or cancer. These diseases are nothing but a last S-O-S call by the body to alert you that it is under attack and that it wants to be treated kindly. Like every living being on this planet, each cell of the body wants to be accepted for what it is and for what it contributes to the whole.
Health And Self-image
The degree of physical health and wellness reflects the degree of self-acceptance and self-honor. Love, health and vitality emerge or are naturally present when you love and accept each part of yourself, especially your shadow side - the side of you that you rarely let others see. The degree of self-love determines how much love and kindness others mirror back to you. Being loved by others can never really satisfy you unless you feel that same love for yourself.
In reality, there is no low self-worth or lack of any kind, only a flawed perception of yourself. Taking your health into your hands is a very powerful and direct way to bring forth your inner power, sense of security and love of self. Your body will have no more need to defend itself in any respect, because it feels loved by you and receives what it needs to fulfill its purpose.
Someone who assumes positive responsibility for everything that happens to him is free from the illusion of injustice, of being a victim of sorts. He bears no judgment against himself, and therefore against anyone else. Everything is seen as appropriate and purposeful, a gift of his own divine intention. If something doesn't make much sense, it still has value for him. He knows there is a larger picture involved, and trusts that both the light and dark, the right and wrong, health and sickness, good and bad are necessary attributes to strengthen his relationship with his Higher Self and that of all other beings.
Illness and even death are not indications of punishment, but can be seen as useful opportunities to complete ourselves even further. There are no real victims in life. If it were so, it would violate the universal law of non-interference. We cannot be attacked or harmed by someone else or by nature and its forces unless we have agreed to this on the level of Higher Self for reasons of growth and learning.
You Create Your Own Experiences
Each one of us is always in control. We are the creators of all our personal life experiences, whether they are beautiful and uplifting, or frustrating and depressing. Everything can be purposeful in life if we give it that meaning. There is no independent purpose or meaning to an event but the one we attach to it. Someone may give a positive meaning to his illness and accepts it as life-altering event, whereas another chooses to see it as living in hell. The first one may become a healer because of this experience; the second one spreads bitterness and spews anger around him.
There is always a choice in how you interpret a given situation. The choice carries the power to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. One person uses this power to heal his body from an illness, while another person uses the same power to belittle himself and violate his body even further. Healing takes place spontaneously once self-attack and self-denial come to an end. Cleansing the body is an act of love and self-acceptance and is interpreted by the body as a green light to heal and rejuvenate itself.
Cleansing Is An Act Of Love
To successfully remove fear, anger, traumas, low self-worth from the cellular memory of the body you need to cleanse it from impurities. This will persuade the body that there is no further need to defend itself, that is, to become ill. All so-called negative emotions are not actually held within the body's own cellular or intercellular structure, but within the accumulated toxic waste material. Anger, for example, is energetically trapped within gallstones that block the bile ducts of the liver or are held inside the gallbladder. Most people in the developed world store between 500 and 5,000 of these stones in the liver alone. These highly toxic, bacteria-infested stones keep the frequency of consciousness low, which coerces you to deal with and, hopefully, learn from the emotions of resentment and anger.
By clearing the stones and toxins from the bile ducts of the liver and from the gallbladder, you naturally remove the trapped emotions. Deciding to do this, however, is far less an intellectual decision than an emotional one. You will know it in your gut when it is time to cleanse your liver. If you need to be persuaded to do this, it is probably not the right time. It is a true act of self-love to purify the body. When you feel it, there is no more choice you need to make; you have already made it. Many life lessons are mastered through this one simple act of self love. A person who purges his liver from these stones feels uplifted, more kind and loving toward himself and others. His frequency vibrates at a higher note - the note of love and self-acceptance.
Likewise, dissolving and removing grease, crystals, and/or stones that have accumulated in the kidneys and bladder removes old fear from the body; this kind of fear is usually related to one's upbringing and/or difficulties with parents. Deep colon cleansing, as it occurs during a colonic irrigation, allows the body to release old beliefs and self-imposed limitations. Unless you cleanse the body physically, emotional cleansing may be a never-ending process. This is because any kind of congestion in the digestive system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, urinary system, circulatory system, etc. triggers fear in the body. And fear feeds all other negative emotions. Learning to trust that your health is in your hands unerringly leads you to emotional, physical and spiritual freedom.

Raw Food: A Great Way of Internalizing Physical and Spiritual Environmentalism

in this day and age many people are experiencing the ill health of body, mind,and planet. Commercialism, fad diets, and rampant consumerism reign supreme and finding simple, clear, and affordable solutions can seem difficult to achieve. However, this is really not the case. As time goes on, an increasing number of people are gravitating to time honored methods such as consuming organic food, growing food locally, and utilizing medicinal herbs. Theses methods which our ancestors used for ages worked well at healing the human body without causing the kind of environmental degradation we see today. This modern industrial schism that has occurred between our minds and the physical world has resulted in a great deal of mental/spiritual degradation. Mental health has at its root physical health.
In recent years there has been a growing popularity of raw and living foods. In the past, and especially the distant past people largely ate a diet of raw greens, herbs, nuts, and seeds. Cooked meats, in the diets of our ancestors where an augmentation of the diet and the exception, not the rule. Often times pre-industrial or indigenous cultures would eat meat raw. Sushi, jerky, or straight raw meat are some historical examples of raw meat consumption. The scientific theory propounded by raw food activists is that by cooking, food enzymes are destroyed, nutrients and water content are diminished, as well as the vital life forces, or scientifically measurable bio photons within the food.
Today's diets are largely comprised of non organic, highly processed, highly cooked or fried foods with very little vegetables included in the meal. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the pernicious and "conventionally" incurable angels of death that plague our society. Ill mental health is also on the rise and no doubt connected to one's physical health. For example, Niacin (vitamin B3) is a natural neurotransmitter regulator. By simply eating a handful or two of raw cashews or another niacin rich food regularly one could be rid of the need for antidepressants. Artificially synthesized antidepressants offer the same function of regulating serotonin levels but are toxic, expensive,and to some unobtainable. While some find buying organic food to be expensive, it is far cheaper than paying for exorbitant hospital bills and expensive pharmaceuticals for extended periods of time. A diet of locally grown, organic raw food is a form of health insurance, paid in full, on the front end. One that helps the body, ecology, and local economy.
There is, within us, the need to heal the wounds of separation from our earth-mother. By purchasing organic food from the grocery store or farmers market one can help heal our body/mind/ planet. This simple act leverages dollars into sound agricultural practices and local economies. Even better still is the act of gardening and wild crafting as it connects one directly with nature. Organic, locally available foods are higher in nutrient content because they have not lost their nutrients by being picked green, sitting in warehouses, on trucks, and on store shelves for extended periods. Organic. fresh raw food often tastes better and is also light and easy to digest. If you grow your own, or forage for wild foods it is the best of all possible worlds. Then your food is fresh, organic and free. By engaging in these acts, one can see the direct relationship we have with our earth-mother, and that though our efforts, we can re-engage with the community of nature and heal our physical and psychic wounds.