Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spiritual Verses Physical Health

As a child, my brother and I were playing with pillows and I received a large deep cut to the inside of my right eyebrow. It became infected to where both of my eyes filled with puffy white infectious matter and closed. Mother took me to our Pediatrician and He also visited our home. I was given a Tetnaus injection.
He never told us I could easily die as the infection was severe and so close to my brain. He had me hold a warm light bulb over a wet clean washcloth while laying in bed. That could have electrocuted me I thought at a much later date. There were no stitches given. Later, he gave me some penicillin. In a few weeks, my Grandmother let me know just how close to death I had been and this frightened me. My brother, some 45 years later, told me he felt guilty all these years. I just laughed and said I enjoyed the attention I got from my face being scarred. Grandmother knew how and when to pray. Those prayers are still coming true today.
Many times I have been in grave danger, yet I lived. I worked in a prison and a jail where I was severely assaulted. I know no one is good enough as a mortal to really know our Creator, but it is a process. Life is a precious gift and only for a short time as time goes. Who can say that your quality is "less than" and needs to be shortened? Forgiveness is such a big word for something that affects health, as do the other emotions when out of balance. Ask yourself, why are you holding a grudge? Did you ever love this person? How did you hurt this one? What is the reason for the problem? Do you fear them? Are they all bad? Pray for them.
Now I realize some people and animals brains are defective and they are unable to have empathy or feelings for others. We call them sociopaths and most of the time society locks them up. People that hurt children I never understood. Damage can last a lifetime. We truly are what we think and eat. Natural healers are sun light, clean water, and healthy foods. if you are fortunate enough to speak to an ancestor, diet and recipes make for lovely topics and your good health. Just because a doctor says you will die in a few months does not make it true. One, bless him, said my Mother would be dead over three years ago and then wanted to know what our family did to keep her here. Prayer works if done sending love and healing. Speech is a very powerful force. Negative energy is a bad thing. Learning continues on this earth if we have that hunger. We are all related as humans.

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