Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mental Health and Spiritual Health - Why They Are Essential to Success

In a previous article, we discussed how physical health is a critical part of achieving success in life. No matter whether you are after financial success, academic success, or success in your personal relationships, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are essential for success. These three different areas of health all affect your relationships with other person, which leads to you having success in life.
I first read the book The Power of Positive Thinking about four years ago. I immediately realized why on a daily basis I must feed my brain with positive affirmations and information. After reading that book, I no longer enjoyed watching the same TV shows that I once did. I no longer enjoyed listening to the music that I once did. I really started to take my mental health very seriously. Every person you hang around in every word you listen to, affect your mental health, whether you want it to or not. It is not a choice that you have. If you hang around negative people, your brain will automatically start thinking negative. The same is true if you hang around positive people, you will automatically start thinking more positive.
When you start thinking more positively about yourself and life in general, many new things begin to happen. You start to meet new people that you would have never met before. You start saying things you would have never said before. You start thinking new ideas that you would have never thought before. Positivity will automatically fall into all areas of your life. The new relationships you will form will astound you. Once you start thinking positively, you will wonder why you did not start this from day one.
Spiritual health is another very important, but controversy over and trivial part of life. Many people were laid spiritual health to a religion. I believe that this day and age, and in the future, that spirituality will become more commonly disassociated with religion. Religion is a great way to get spirituality, but there are other ways. Whichever way that you decided is right for you and your life will help you become a more positive and happy person. It is true that people who regularly attend church services, no matter what the religion, are usually healthier and happier people. They most likely have fewer divorces and less drug and alcohol abuse. There is something to spirituality that really helps you become complete as a human being. Whether you choose to be religious or not, make sure you spend time developing spiritual health in life, whatever that may mean to you.
To sum it all up, physical, mental, and spiritual health for the three components you need to achieve success in your life. No matter what kind of success you are after him a having all three of these components are a vital key. Even if you do achieve short-term success without all three components, it will most likely not last. You should think of these three components at the foundation to your house. Without a proper foundation, your house would fall over with the first thunderstorm that came. Make sure you build your foundation in life out of breaks and not pine straw.

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